Friday, September 12, 2014


I was not a perfect mother, but I have perfect love for you! Each and everyone of you are a blessing and a blessing I have been honored to watch grow. Your journeys have just begun and I know your journey is whats going to "bring you happiness, it is not a destination." You have to stop and quiet your minds and live in the moment. My joy was watching all your precious moments and yes I remember them all.

Within your journeys I want each and everyone of you to know everything in  your journey has a purpose and it is up to you to find it within you. I have done my job to the best of my ability and now it is time for me to step back and watch you continue on with your own individual journey, while I start my own new journey.

Life is not knowing, life is a mystery so stop trying to figure it out, enjoy the humor life has to offer because you can't know who you are until you let go of the fear of finding yourself within.

You; my children have also  prepared me for what is coming next in my life and for that I am eternally grateful. Part of my new journey is to learn again how to love myself. I know each of you also has to learn that in different ways and I know and believe you have the tools to do just that.

Something I heard tonight besides what has inspired me to write this to you, might help in learning is this. "Your life is about developing the wisdom to apply the right leverage, in the right place ant the right time."

I believe and admire your beautiful souls, you are amazing people and I love you. If you feel I have wronged you in any way, I am sorry but as I said in the beginning I am not perfect, but I love you perfectly.

I have been waiting along time to find the right words to release my guilt of feeling, I have wronged you. But now I see, this was all meant to be, because your  journeys in life needed these moments you lived to full fill what ever destiny you are meant to carry out, just as I am meant to carry out my new journey that all these lessons are teaching me.

I look forward to watching you grow even further in life.  What an honor it is for me.

With all my love,
Your Mother