Wednesday, September 11, 2013


        As the bell toled the tears started to flow, faintly in the distance I could hear the sirens sound, memory of all those people on this day still breaks my heart. All the loved ones lost for ones personal gain, how said life has become when money and power has greater value then life. Life has value, life has meaning how can it be take away for greed? Dear Lord, keep humanity in your heart and bring it back to the people of this world.

       After having to pull over because the emotions over came me, I thought of a man whom I see every day as I drive to work, I enjoy seeing him and today seemed more important then ever. I dried my tears, gained my composure and pulled back on to the road, my goal was to see this wonderful man today. Evey morning on a rather busy road that is an outlet from Poinciana I see a gentleman walking his two rottweilers  as he walks down the side walk with these majestic dogs he waves good morning to ever car that goes by with a smile on his face and joy in his heart, you can see this by his actions, this is something he truly enjoys, very warm and touching to see.

      Today I really needed to see him and wave to him like I do every morning he is in my view, he walks a great distance so I am not always lucky to have him be in the area I drive. I needed to see humanity at its finest, the joy of loving life and giving back to his fellow man with a simple gesture of hello, good morning with a smile. As I turned on to Pleasant Hill road, I started to watch for him, yet he was not there, as I turned down my street I hesitated and looked further down the road to see if I just missed him, but he was not there.

       I would like to stop one day just to tell him how he makes my day every morning. Today would have been that day, but I am sure he was home with his loved ones in rememberence of today. I can tell you I am not the only one, because the regulars who travel down the road always give him a friendly beep with a wave out the window. He offers nothing but a simple gesture to all he passes and that simple geasture could change someones life. A lesson everyone needs to learn.

 I said I would stop and get his picture, but he was to far away from my intersection, so I pulled off to the side of the road and took the only picture I could today, he saw me and yelled across the street Good morning have a nice day and as always with a hug wave and big smile. Made my day!! (UPDATED 9/12/2013)