Thursday, September 26, 2013


I went to my first Zumba class tonight and what a class it was, Zumba out side on an amazingly wonderful night. Nothing but butt kicking dancing, Love all the Hispanic dances!! It really keep me up beat and made the time fly. The instructor is just insane and with an awesome spirit!! 

My girlfriend was bragging about it on-line so I decided to give it a try, it is aways from the house, but after going it was well worth the drive. I was really nervous about going and really thought I could not do this. I am sure I was the biggest woman there, but they made be feel welcomed and encouraged me, even the instructor keep giving me looks of encouragement and signals that I was doing well. The fear started to melt away and I started to really enjoy myself.
 Mind you I did not do most of the moves, but I keep moving even if it was wrong. 
Over time they will come, but I have to say even through all the pain I had a smile on my face.

As I watch most of the women there, they were really getting into it and it gave me encouragement to know that one day soon I will be like them once again.

I had to put my knee brace on as soon as I arrived home, but that is OK, because I know one day I will be throwing this thing away. My heart sunk as soon as I saw my picture on face book doing Zumba, I thought OMG, I felt so thin while I was doing the classes, but pictures do not lie. As this words escaped my mouth, my son told me to stop, he asked me why I was down grading myself? I told him look, pictures don't lie and boy that is one fat mama. Then I got told! Mom, stop! You are out there doing it and that is all that matters. Boy he told me didn't he? I just have to remember the body that I possess right now is not the body I will possess forever, I will have my life back...a healthy sexy me again. 

So I remind my self every day, I love my life and I sure in the hell Love ME!!

Loving life!! MUMS POWER all the way!!